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The Best KN95 Masks for COVID Protection

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As COVID-19 continues to infect millions of people worldwide, finding the best mask (or two) to help stop the spread is more important now than ever before. While any mask is still better than no mask at all, KN95 masks have become one of the most popular types of disposable masks available to non-health-care workers. Whereas N95 masks are the NIOSH-approved American standard for high quality air filtration, KN95s are the Chinese-made equivalent. Last spring, when the U.S. was experiencing a severe shortage of N95 masks, the FDA approved a handful of KN95s for emergency use. N95s are still in short supply and should be reserved for medical professionals who need them most, but good quality KN95s, including the ones approved by the FDA, are widely available to the general public.

When we spoke to Dr. Ravina Kullar, an infectious-disease specialist, epidemiologist, and spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, about the difference between KF94 and KN95 masks, she said that KN95 masks “are made of the same synthetic material as N95 masks and [also] filter out and capture 95 percent of particles in the air.”

The certification processes for KN95 and N95 masks are “nearly identical,” says Yi Cui, a professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University who co-authored a study on the efficiency of various mask materials. The problem is there are a lot of counterfeit KN95s, and other than the FDA list, there is little information to help tell the difference. But before you get too worried, Cui, who Strategist writer Karen Adelson spoke to about the best disposable masks you can buy online, says his lab has found that even counterfeit KN95 masks are pretty good at blocking COVID droplets and can have a filtration efficiency of 75 to 80 percent. To help you find the best ones for you, we pulled together a list of doctor-approved and Strategist-tested KN95 masks that you can buy right now.


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Powecom KN95 Face Mask

Prices Have Dropped….

We recommended these KN95 masks in our roundup of disposable masks because they are included on the FDA’s list of approved emergency PPE and are readily available. They are soft on the skin and create a tight seal all the way around, from the bridge of the nose to the underside of the chin. We gave one to Jacob Cohen, a second-grade teacher in Brooklyn who has tried a lot of KN95s since the fall. Cohen says they fit more snugly than the other KN95s he has tried and don’t move when he is talking.


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This particular KN95 from N95 Mask Co. comes recommended by Stacy De-Lin, a family medicine specialist in New York City. “The company’s business model is such that it is able to provide large amounts to medical organizations as well as provide smaller amounts to the public,” she says. The brand also sells a wide variety of other medical-grade disposable masks.

PPE supply chains have caused a lot of stress on the much-needed demand. The need for trusted sources for products designed to protect our front-line workers, teachers, children, elderly and virtually all walks of life has never been more important. The CDC is now recommending 2 masks though some states are lifting the mandate. Who’s write….See this article, click here, from the CDC that helps explain their reasoning and stand on your own two feet. Learn more at

Las Vegas Infection Control - iMask KN95 Disposable Mask 04KN95 Face Mask in white

Price Vary

Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno bought these KN95 masks for his husband who commutes to an office every day. “As calls to double-mask began to really get loud, my husband texted me to order a pack of KF94 masks while he was listening to an episode of the What a Day podcast featuring Dr. Ashish Jha. Strategist hadn’t yet published our explainer on the differences between KF94 and KN95 masks, so not being as familiar with the KF94 ones he texted a link to, I clicked around on Amazon and wound up on these KN95s,” he says. “They come in white and black — I, like far cooler people before me, went with black.” Rotunno tested one that his husband had used to get a sense of the fit compared to the cloth masks he has worn up until now. His review: “I’d say the fit is snug; the only area I thought the (already used) mask wasn’t so tight against my face was under my chin, which I think some slight adjustments to the straps would easily fix.”

Prices Vary

PPE suppliers all over the world have stepped up to fight this pandemic. While it still exists in all our lives it is important to find a trusted source for all your PPE. Las Vegas Infection Control (LVIC) has products that supply front line workers in all medical fields, major corporations, and the largest distributors in medical and dental for over 28 years. A trusted source for face masks, face shields, sanitizer, and everything in between. As the supply chain prices drop so do LVIC’s prices. FDA, 510k, Nelson Lab tested along with several other regulatory measures are in place to ensure all LVIC products are top quality and only the best. Check out for more information.

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