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About Las Vegas Infection Control

Las Vegas Infection Control (LVIC) helps supply professional / personal protection equipment to a wide variety of professional and consumer markets. LVIC’s products come from our FDA regulated facilities right here in the U.S. and have been manufacturing and distributing to professional’s and consumer’s hands for over 28 years.  Hospitals, Dental Offices, Manufacturing Plants, virtually any business that requires infection control products to maintain a safe workplace for employees and visitors utilizes our wide variety of Professional Grade PPE products.  Our motto is and has always been to provide the highest level of Professional grade products to anyone that needs them both professionally and personally.   

With its distribution headquarter in Las Vegas, Nevada it operates one of the nation’s largest distribution channels for various infection control item to professional and consumer markets alike. LVIC has a team of scientists and invention specialists working around the clock to bring innovation and new products to market. With the growing need for protection and during the most recent pandemic we are making this same quality and exacting standards of performance available to consumer through products that help provide protection at home. 

LVIC welcomes essential workers and those that care about their loved ones to peruse our website for products that will help live a safe and healthy life. LVIC believes information is power so feel free to read its blog, FAQs and product information support to armor yourself with the best available information available.  If you have additional questions, feel free to click the contact us button with any questions. Our team of infection control specialists are there when you need them.

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